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Beauty & Apperance?

By: Marilyn McKayle

{ It is the beautiful bird that gets caged- Chinese Proverb }

A lot of times we do not really see how beautiful we are… We tend to think about what “people” define as beauty define as beauty- so we begin to change ourselves, we mold our bodies so much that sometimes that we don’t even recognize ourselves. We will spend hours in the mirror wondering “who am I?” When I believe it is about bringing your inner beauty to the outside- find your inner beauty and that will really show.

{ Our hearts are drunk with beauty our eyes could never see- George W. Russell }

” It’s not about what you have or what you look is about how you present yourself… your personality/ radiance/ confidence”. – Anonymous.

” You should strive to be a civilized person who is not shallow and sees past looks”. – Jerry G.

” Beauty is how you make another person feel, act and a form of motivation.” – Tyrone McCallister.

” Natural is beauty”. – Marquise Starnader.

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Man vs. Man

“According to statistics one person is murdered every 60 seconds, one person commits suicide every 40 seconds and one person dies in armed conflict every minute and 40 seconds.”

The U.S. defends dropping ” Mother of all bombs” on ISIS in Afghanistan. 

 mother of all bombs

Self vs. Society

By: Marilyn McKayle

{ Because power corrupts, society’s demand for moral authority and character increase as the importance of position increase. – John Adams }

In Theory…I hate this part.

I hate this part…the part when every  now and then you start to wonder and question every word, fact and theory. The part where as an individual human separate from everyone else we start to wonder-

“What’s my meaning in life?” “What’s the purpose of our existence?” “Who created us?” “Is the Earth really round?” “Has anyone ever landed on the moon?” “What inhabits the world around us?” God, Satan, Heaven, Hell, science, religion, evolution and philosophy…

Fact or Fiction?

The sole truth is NOBODY knows except the dead. As for the rest of us that continues to live- we can only speculate.

Now, Fact or Opinion?

…this makes us uncomfortable…this is what attracts conflict…this is what creates insanity…this is an unlikable/ intolerable conversation…This is the part that pushes us to live, seek, create and define. This is the part I hate! In Theory. I guess.

Social Media & Trends

By: Marilyn McKayle

{Social Media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo or update your status you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand. – Amy Jo Martin.

God & Religion

By: Marilyn McKayle

{ I believe in God but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky- I believe that what people call “God” is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus, and Muhammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right- It’s just that the translations have gone wrong. – John Lennon. }


By: Marilyn McKayle

{ Happiness is something to do, something to love,  and something to hope for. – Chinese Proverb}

(The Value of Happiness)

I believe that happiness is something that everyone is searching for – everyone lives life everyday without failure of asking,  ” What could/ makes me happy? “… Is happiness truly something that could be achieved or is it an emotion that’s taken way out of context?

I’m not going to lie,  when I think of “happiness ” words like ” love,  family, success and future ” surely does follow. Yet in today’s society they all seem to be some of the most disappointing struggles. But when I thought hard on the “idea of happiness ” I realized why. And it all goes back to what I said before- We search for happiness every day and to be “happy” is an emotional state…we would like to feel happy;  (Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happy mental states may also reflect judgements by a person about their overall well-being.) but we do not long for happiness. Because happiness could mean that sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to make someone else feel happy.

{Happiness quite un-shared can scarcely be called Happiness- it has no taste: Emily Bronte}.

In hopes to achieve happiness we live a worry and violent life because it makes us feel that happy stimuli… If we are attracted/ drawn to violence, worry and domination, how could “happiness” ever be the outcome?

{ A perverse temper and fretful disposition will make any state of life what so ever un-happy. – Cicero }

” Happiness is an intellectual conversation, food,  sex, achievement and fulfillment.” – Jerry. G.

“Happiness is overcoming an obstacle that I thought would be impossible to overcome.” – diana.anguiiano

” Happy are those conscious of their own needs, since the kindom of the heavens belongs to them.” – Matthew 5:3 /

Kylie Cosmetics {Review vs. ColourPop}

By: Marilyn McKayle

Liquid Lipsticks Review: The tube is super cute about 5 1/2 inches long. It’s either a really expensive hard plastic or a light flexi-glass tubing with a black top. I love how it looks as if the black paint is dripping from the top. The rest of the tube is clear so that you’re able to see the lipstick color. The applicator tip is short yet kind of fluffy with a flat- curved side that allows for a smooth glide application. You get quite a bit of material (I mean Kylie is not stingy).I’ve seen a few reviews where I guess some people at one point of time did not receive a “full tube” of product but as for the 9 lip kits that I bought, all of them have been full tubes.

 The liquid lipstick smells like vanilla or chocolate. It is a bit more “liquidy” than the very first launch which was a bit more “moosey” but as far as comfort-ability goes~ I always wear liquid lipsticks about 15 minutes after I apply my benebalm and it’s not tacky or anything, initially it is a comfortable wear. It does not take a lot of coats, Kylie’s liquid lipsticks are really pigmented and just right in texture! So thumbs up on that one girly!

Now it is long- lasting but not like they say. I don’t know what other people eat but unfortunately nearly like all liquid lipsticks, it does not last through just any meal. Any drink, yes but it really depends what you eat. It should mostly be dry foods like hot cheetos, burgers, french fries, sandwiches, grilled cheese, pancakes, eggs, salads and occasionally fried chicken. But like I said I’ve found that goes for many liquid lipsticks unless it’s a stain. I’d really like to see one last through an entire Olive Garden meal which is the real challenge for a liquid lipstick.

As far as the colors: the names are very unique and most are everyday wear, normal attractive shades. Others are for special occasions, dates or just for fun! I’m interested in reviewing other cosmetic products from Kylie’s line and I can not wait to try out her new Ky-shadow Pallets!

Versus Colour Pop: 

I am going to start by saying that I agree with Kylie, her liquid lipsticks versus Colourpop’s are nothing alike. The packaging/ tubes are similar (although different colors) but that is due to the fact that they are produced from the same mother company Seed Beauty. The formulas are very different (can’t say the same for the lip liners) and it shows through product quality and pricing. Kylie’s Liquid Lipsticks are $29 while ColourPop’s are $6 (not including shipping and handling). You Tuber, Stephanie Nicole goes into more details on  formula comparisons.

Stephanie Nicole Kylie Liquid Lipstick Review

Clevver News Kylie vs. Colourpop

Colour pops liquid lipsticks to me are their price (which is very affordable). Unlike Kylie’s, Colourpop’s have no attractive smell, they’re not comfortable at all: it feels as if there is a liquid on the lips and although it dries matte it still feels very streaky and tacky to me. So it’s kind of a quality over quantity kind of thing.

You will be able to find other in depth details as well as pricing, wear, packing, and shipment on my Glamorous Beauty World YouTube Channel.

Marilyn McKayle’s Glamorous Beauty World

Cornbread Dressing [Stuffing]

Cornbread Dressing


• 5-6 Boxes of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

• 5-6 Eggs

• 5-7 c. Of Milk

• Green Onion (1 c. Diced)

• Yellow Onion (1/3 c. Diced)

• Melted Butter (1/2 c.)

• Non- stick spray / Oil

• Celery (1 1/2 c. Diced)

• Onion Powder (1 tbsp)

• Garlic Salt (1 tbsp) / 1 tsp Regular Salt

• Black Pepper (1/2 tbsp)

• Tony Ch. Seasoning (1/2 tbsp)

• Chicken Broth

• Aluminum Pan


1) Preheat oven to 380° F.

2) Follow baking instructions that are on Jiffy’s Corn Muffin Mix Box. Bake in 8/10 inch pan 2 boxes at a time.

3) While the cornbread is baking dice green onion, yellow onion, celery, jalapeno…etc.  (Whatever you choose to add).

4) Lightly coat sauce pan with oil and saute onion mixture on low heat for 5-8 minutes. Remove from heat.

5) After baking and cooling all of the corn muffin mix, dump into Aluminum baking pan. Then crumble/ break down bread with your hands til it’s as fine or chunky as desired.

6) Blend in onion mixture, Tony Ch. Creole seasoning, onion powder, garlic salt and pepper. Blend well.

7) Stir in melted butter and chicken broth 2 cups at a time or til creamy. Mix well.

8) Sprinkle a little salt over the top and bake in 380° F oven for 30- 40 minutes.

9) Remove from oven and let cool at room temperature. Then cover with Aluminum foil.

Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie Recipe 

For The Holidays.


• 2 Big cans of sweet potatoe yams or 2 Big Whole Sweet Potatoes

• Butter [1/2 stick of butter/ 4 tbsp/ 1/4c.]

• Cinnamon [ 1 tsp ]

• Nutmeg [ 1/2 tsp ]

• 2-3 Eggs

• Sugar [1/2 c. ]

• Milk [1/2- 1/3 c.] optional

• Vanilla extract [ 1/4 tsp] optional

• 2 Graham Cracker Crust


1) Preheat oven to 375° F

2) ** For whole sweet potatoes, rinse under warm water then peel and dice/chop.

3) ** For can sweet potato yams, use can opener and open both cans.

4) **  For whole sweet potatoes, fill a sizeable pot with 4-8 cups of water then set to boil on medium heat for 10-20 minutes.

    ** For can sweet potato yams pour the 2 big cans of sweet potato yams into a sizable pot, then set to boil on low heat for 5-15 minutes.

5) Reduce heat and drain out half of the liquid. Add in butter, sugar,  cinnamon, nutmeg and milk. (Do not mix)  Let simmer for 5-7 minutes.

6) Remove from heat and transfer into a heat safe bowl or mixing bowl.

** For Chunky Pie, smash potatoes lightly with a fork and mixed ingredients.

** For Smooth and Creamy Pie, use a potatoe smasher and smash potatoes well then mix the ingredients with a whisk.

7) In a separate bowl beat together eggs and vanilla.

8) Add egg mixture to sweet potatoe pie mixture then blend well.

9) Pour Sweet potatoe pie mixture into the graham cracker crust pans. (Fill just to the top).

10) Place the pies in the oven for 15-25 minutes.

11) Remove from over and let cool. Then cover and place in refrigerator until you’re ready for desserts!

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