By: Marilyn McKayle

{ It is the beautiful bird that gets caged- Chinese Proverb }

A lot of times we do not really see how beautiful we are… We tend to think about what “people” define as beauty define as beauty- so we begin to change ourselves, we mold our bodies so much that sometimes that we don’t even recognize ourselves. We will spend hours in the mirror wondering “who am I?” When I believe it is about bringing your inner beauty to the outside- find your inner beauty and that will really show.

{ Our hearts are drunk with beauty our eyes could never see- George W. Russell }

” It’s not about what you have or what you look is about how you present yourself… your personality/ radiance/ confidence”. – Anonymous.

” You should strive to be a civilized person who is not shallow and sees past looks”. – Jerry G.

” Beauty is how you make another person feel, act and a form of motivation.” – Tyrone McCallister.

” Natural is beauty”. – Marquise Starnader.