By: Marilyn McKayle

Liquid Lipsticks Review: The tube is super cute about 5 1/2 inches long. It’s either a really expensive hard plastic or a light flexi-glass tubing with a black top. I love how it looks as if the black paint is dripping from the top. The rest of the tube is clear so that you’re able to see the lipstick color. The applicator tip is short yet kind of fluffy with a flat- curved side that allows for a smooth glide application. You get quite a bit of material (I mean Kylie is not stingy).I’ve seen a few reviews where I guess some people at one point of time did not receive a “full tube” of product but as for the 9 lip kits that I bought, all of them have been full tubes.

 The liquid lipstick smells like vanilla or chocolate. It is a bit more “liquidy” than the very first launch which was a bit more “moosey” but as far as comfort-ability goes~ I always wear liquid lipsticks about 15 minutes after I apply my benebalm and it’s not tacky or anything, initially it is a comfortable wear. It does not take a lot of coats, Kylie’s liquid lipsticks are really pigmented and just right in texture! So thumbs up on that one girly!

Now it is long- lasting but not like they say. I don’t know what other people eat but unfortunately nearly like all liquid lipsticks, it does not last through just any meal. Any drink, yes but it really depends what you eat. It should mostly be dry foods like hot cheetos, burgers, french fries, sandwiches, grilled cheese, pancakes, eggs, salads and occasionally fried chicken. But like I said I’ve found that goes for many liquid lipsticks unless it’s a stain. I’d really like to see one last through an entire Olive Garden meal which is the real challenge for a liquid lipstick.

As far as the colors: the names are very unique and most are everyday wear, normal attractive shades. Others are for special occasions, dates or just for fun! I’m interested in reviewing other cosmetic products from Kylie’s line and I can not wait to try out her new Ky-shadow Pallets!

Versus Colour Pop: 

I am going to start by saying that I agree with Kylie, her liquid lipsticks versus Colourpop’s are nothing alike. The packaging/ tubes are similar (although different colors) but that is due to the fact that they are produced from the same mother company Seed Beauty. The formulas are very different (can’t say the same for the lip liners) and it shows through product quality and pricing. Kylie’s Liquid Lipsticks are $29 while ColourPop’s are $6 (not including shipping and handling). You Tuber, Stephanie Nicole goes into more details on  formula comparisons.

Stephanie Nicole Kylie Liquid Lipstick Review

Clevver News Kylie vs. Colourpop

Colour pops liquid lipsticks to me are their price (which is very affordable). Unlike Kylie’s, Colourpop’s have no attractive smell, they’re not comfortable at all: it feels as if there is a liquid on the lips and although it dries matte it still feels very streaky and tacky to me. So it’s kind of a quality over quantity kind of thing.

You will be able to find other in depth details as well as pricing, wear, packing, and shipment on my Glamorous Beauty World YouTube Channel.

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