By: Marilyn McKayle

{ Because power corrupts, society’s demand for moral authority and character increase as the importance of position increase. – John Adams }

In Theory…I hate this part.

I hate this part…the part when every  now and then you start to wonder and question every word, fact and theory. The part where as an individual human separate from everyone else we start to wonder-

“What’s my meaning in life?” “What’s the purpose of our existence?” “Who created us?” “Is the Earth really round?” “Has anyone ever landed on the moon?” “What inhabits the world around us?” God, Satan, Heaven, Hell, science, religion, evolution and philosophy…

Fact or Fiction?

The sole truth is NOBODY knows except the dead. As for the rest of us that continues to live- we can only speculate.

Now, Fact or Opinion?

…this makes us uncomfortable…this is what attracts conflict…this is what creates insanity…this is an unlikable/ intolerable conversation…This is the part that pushes us to live, seek, create and define. This is the part I hate! In Theory. I guess.